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Guaranteed Skunk Control, Removal, & Prevention in Seattle, Washington

Skunk Removal and Control in Seattle

Skunk Biology: Members of the Mephitidae family, the Striped Skunk is well-known for its bold black and white coloring and of course it's smelly spray. Skunks are able to discharge a foul-smelling fluid from special glands near the anus. This sulphur-based compound is not only offensive in odor, but can cause temporary blindness in a would-be attacker. This spray is an effective defense against foes. Skunks are primarily nocturnal, and are omnivorous, eating a variety of plant and animal matter. They often like to dig up grubs out of the ground. Skunks mate in early spring, and the 2-4 young are born in May.

Nuisance Concerns: Most of the nuisance regarding skunks revolves around the odor. Skunks will often choose to live in urban areas, such as under porches or decks, and during mating season, will often spray. Skunks will also raid garbage cans and pet food, and pose a risk to spray pets. If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, mix a compound of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and soap, and bathe the pet in this mixture right away.


What kind of bait is used for catching a skunk - Skunks are scavengers for the most part, so almost any food item in a cage trap has a good chance of luring in a skunk. That being said, these critters have a soft spot for meat products. You have to be careful when baiting a trap; if you live in a neighborhood, cats and small dogs can also become victims. While moist cat food is very aromatic and alluring for a skunk, itís not ideal if you do live in an urban setting. For people who canít use meat products in their traps, using bread or marshmallows will be a satisfying alternative. This might also bring in a raccoon, but only if youíve set it in the path of travel for a local raccoon. To try and catch your skunk, place your trap near any disturbed areas of grass in the yard where the animal has been digging. You can also put it near a suspected skunk den, like under a shed or a deck. Make sure the trap is level and is free from any scary noises or wobbling. Cover the top and sides with a heavy blanket or tarp, and then place your bait.

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