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Wildlife and Rat Control in Orange County California and Los Angeles: We service the city of Orange County California and Los Angeles, California. We provide a full array of wildlife control services, and rodent extermination. We specialize in humane removal of wildlife, and complete guaranteed rat control. We service all of greater Orange County California and Los Angeles and surrounding cities and suburbs, which is full of wild nuisance animals, such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, and more. We provide a full line of wildlife control services. When we arrive at your house or property, we perform a full inspection of the building, and find out how exactly what problems the animals are causing, and if they are entering the building, we identify all the entry areas. We humanely trap and remove all the wildlife and after they are all gone, we seal off all entry areas so that the problem is permanently solved and new animals don't enter the building again. We clean animal waste and provide a complete solution to the problem.  Call us any time to describe your wildlife problem and to schedule a same or next-day appointment. 

This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Orange County California and Los Angeles California. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.  We service Southern Cal, and Los Angeles Animal Services. Please visit my official Animal Pest Control Los Angeles website for more information.

Orange County California and Los Angeles Wildlife Control Emails:

Hi David, I live in Southern Cal in Orange County and found a snake yesterday. It looked very much like the picture you have of the juvenile black racer. I'm trying to educate myself, so I don't freak out about the little guy. It was approx. 8" in length and 1/4" in diameter. I turned him up from several inches below the surface while digging in my garden from . The soil is very dry and hard and I was surprised to see a snake. It was brown and light blue and very feisty when I tried to move it. I was able to get it gently into a bucket and over to a dirt pile at the edge of my property. Do you think I disturbed a nest? I only saw the one snake. Should I be concerned about future digging or gardening in this particular spot? I have a 3 year old that loves to run around and dig along side me. Should I be concerned about her safety? Thanks for giving me any information you might have. I'm trying to overcome my slight fear with education. Betsey Brackett

My parents have a serious squirrel problem. They live in Santa Monica, and can find no one to help. The city did set traps, but none were caught. My question is do you come to Santa Monica, and if not can you help us solve this problem. Thank you, Jan
Hello David, I am a resident of a senior mobile home park in Santee, CA. Recently, I retained a company that spent several days and eviction methods to rid a raccoon(s) from under my mobile. The animal trapped was a nursing mother and was released back under my home. Coyote and male raccoon urine was placed around and underneath, to no avail. The wildlife trapper said he could do no more to help me. I have had to leave a section of skirting removed where the mother has ripped it off repeatedly. My mobile is old and the skirting is flimsy and ill fitting, hence the ease of entry for the mother. Since then, about 16 days ago, I have been hearing loud squealing, not chirping or purring sounds....more like distress sounds at long intervals throughout the day and night...maybe coming from babies? This, plus the thumping, banging, scraping from one end of my mobile to the other has me sleepless and concerned that perhaps an animal is caught in the wires underneath or that I may go nuts, whichever comes first. There is a problem throughout the park with the many generations of raccoons that call it home. Some of the residents have been known to feed them and the rest of us are paying the price. Can you suggest anything more that I can do? I have read the Humane Society's article which states that being patient until young animals can leave is the best, but I am becoming more and more concerned that there is a bad situation and getting worse. Tonight, there was a frighteningly loud scuffle of some sort that awakened me and probably my neighbors also. I'd appreciate an e-mail or phone call if you could take the time to do so.

I later found out how this job ended, from the original trapper: Yes, I released the mother back under the mobile home. Applied the eviction fluids and the mother did not take her kids and leave. So, after three days, I set up traps again, and removed the mother. Immediately, I then crawled under and removed four sickly rotting babies that could not be saved. Three were dead and one was blind and injured, the mother raccoon wanted nothing to do with any of her kids, so I removed the skirting, removed the under boards, and pulled two kids out. The other two dead ones were strewn about the underside on the ground. The home owner wanted me to take the mother raccoon to project wildlife to see what was wrong with her and find out why she was unwilling to take care of her kids. I did so. They said there was nothing that they could do. I also setup rat and squirrel traps at that time to remove the squirrels that were plaguing her vent system. After all was said and done she had no noises, I repaired the skirting and made her a happy camper. So I would like for you to remove my name from your site, As it depicts a negative notion about my company which is libel."
Hello, I have a quick question; I found a snake I ran over with my automobile (by accident) which is 12-16”s long and very thin. It has rectangular (very patterned) dark grey/blackish marks going at an almost 45 degree angle along it back, but not the belly, (the back patterns are almost interwoven), on a mostly yellow body with a greenish yellow tail. The belly was/is very patterned also, looks like blocks/squares… This is difficult to describe because the snake is literally flattened! I was just wondering if you know what type of snake this might be. I have two toddlers and three pets! I live in the ‘suburb’ (Irvine area) where we have a lot of swamps, lakes, ponds, and a water gully right next to my house. Any information you have will be greatly appreciated and THANK YOU in advance! Marilyn
Hi there, My name is Sarah, and I found your website when trying to identify the snake that was in our pool. I took a lot of pictures of it, and immediately tried matching the pictures to ones I found online. I couldn't identify it, but I was reassured that it wasn't poisonous. I took our pool net, and let the snake get in it, took him far in our yard, laid down the net and then left it. It wasn't a huge snake, perhaps a foot and a half long, and it didn't seem to be aggressive. However, after having a neighbor examine the pictures they thought that it was actually poisonous. So now I am really curious if it was a venomous snake or not, I hope the latter. You can view all the pictures I took here. If you could help me determine what kind of snake I had lurking in my pool that would be great! (I've also bookmarked your website for future reference as we live in the country on a 5 acre property, so wildlife is frequent here) Thanks in advanced, Sarah
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