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Wildlife and Rat Control in Jacksonville: We service the city of Jacksonville, Florida. We provide a full array of wildlife control services, and rodent extermination. We specialize in humane removal of wildlife, and complete guaranteed rat control. We service all of greater Jacksonville and surrounding cities and suburbs, which is full of wild nuisance animals, such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, and more. We provide a full line of wildlife control services. When we arrive at your house or property, we perform a full inspection of the building, and find out how exactly what problems the animals are causing, and if they are entering the building, we identify all the entry areas. We humanely trap and remove all the wildlife and after they are all gone, we seal off all entry areas so that the problem is permanently solved and new animals don't enter the building again. We clean animal waste and provide a complete solution to the problem.  Call us any time to describe your wildlife problem and to schedule a same or next-day appointment.

This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Jacksonville Florida. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.  We service northeast FL, and Duval County. Please visit my official Jacksonville Pest Animal Control website for more information.

Jacksonville Wildlife Control Emails:

I was wondering if you could remove a small gator about 3 feet long. It is stuck in a water drain that leads into a pond. We spotted it while fishing earlier and noticed that the water is to low for it to get out. It is located in the moss park area in the neighborhood called live oak estates. Here is the closest map I could get of where it is ... it is in across the street by this house behind the neighborhood/childrens park. On the left back side of the pond.

Help!! My mother has an animal that is in her attic and she don't know what to do. They have set traps 3 different times, removed wall panels, and a number of scare tactics. The animal seems to be at least one raccoon. It makes a lot of noise and she is afraid it is going to tear something up in the attic and cause a fire or get into the main living area or bite my little brother or reproduce...etc. Please contact her. She really needs the help. Thanks!
Hello, So forget about the "cruel" observation from my last email. I wonder ... if you can assist me: I live in a crowded town in Jacksonville FL where there are some natures left. This means not much foods in the wild for racoons and oposums who wander thru my complex late night; this explains my leaving foods out for them. What is going on is a female racoon (I can tell this because when she stands up against my door, I can see her swollen niples and large belly), who seemingly is carrying pups would come to eat and soon afterward falls down in front of the door mat taking a nap. At first, I thought she has had a heart attack, but when I saw her breathing movement, I was relief. But then I thought, maybe she is in labor and can't move and has fainted and may give birth in my tiny courtyard, and if so ... what I should do to make sure that both mom and babies would be safe from human potential acts of cruelty. Do you think that it would be possible that she would give birth out in the open? and if so, what are your suggestions? If you believe that I should call your office for further clarifications, please let me know. Thank you. Sophie
i recently heard noises in our living room hall closet,when i went in to find out what was in the closet , as im taking some boxes out,and pulling the last one out, something that I thought was rather bigger than a mouse ran out. as I stood there screaming, i didnt see it real good,but my husband and i cleaned up what it left behind was some feces,the shape is round.we dont think it was arat or mouse,so we need your help tp slove this and take action on how to caught this rodent!!!! thank you any information will be greatly appericated.
Hello, I have a family of raccoons (a HUGE mama and her five babies) who come out every night and steal my cats' food and make a general mess (plus they scare the bejesus out of my wife!). I've tried everything short of trapping them, which doesn't much appeal to me (trapping five little raccoons and big mama? I'd rather not get mauled to death, thank you.) How much do you charge for your trapping services, and do you guys work at night (they always come at about 10:00ish PM)? I'm at wits end with these critters! Please advise. Thanks! Best, Eric
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