Animal Control and Pest Critter Removal in Arlington, Texas

Arlington Animal Control & Pest Wildlife Removal

Wildlife and Rat Control in Arlington: We service the city of Arlington, Texas. We provide a full array of wildlife control services, and rodent extermination. We specialize in humane removal of wildlife, and complete guaranteed rat control. We service all of greater Arlington and surrounding cities and suburbs, which is full of wild nuisance animals, such as rats, squirrels, raccoons, and more. We provide a full line of wildlife control services. When we arrive at your house or property, we perform a full inspection of the building, and find out how exactly what problems the animals are causing, and if they are entering the building, we identify all the entry areas. We humanely trap and remove all the wildlife and after they are all gone, we seal off all entry areas so that the problem is permanently solved and new animals don't enter the building again. We clean animal waste and provide a complete solution to the problem.  Call us any time to describe your wildlife problem and to schedule a same or next-day appointment. 

We handle the following:
RACCOONS - Common raiding garbage cans and pools
SQUIRRELS - Common in attics of homes
OPOSSUMS - Common under sheds and stealing pet food
ARMADILLOS - They dig up yards and landscaping
RATS & MICE - They get in the walls and spread disease
BATS - Can roost in large colonies inside buildings
SNAKES - Texas is home to several snake species
DEAD ANIMALS - Cause a big odor problem

This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Arlington Texas. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.  We service Tarrant County and the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area. Please visit my official Arlington TX Animal Control website for more information.

Arlington Wildlife Control Emails:

Hi, my name is Dima and I live in Arlington TX. I was searching the web for an animal removal service when I found your website. I tried calling the number posted for the Arlington area and I was calling the SPCA. The person I spoke to there told me I needed to call my local police department, which was not helpful at all. There are no listings for your type of service in the local Yellow Pages. I guess I am writing because I am stumped and don't know where to go from here. I have some sort of very noisy animal in my attic. I am unable to sleep at night and my pest control company was only willing to come and throw some bait up there. What I need is exactly what you describe on your website… a better solution to the problem. I would appreciate your reply. Thank you, Dima

Hello I live in Arlington TX and have a fox on my larger outer suburban block. I don't know its gender or if there are young around. I was googling ways to get rid of this introduced pest when I came across your site I hope you will be able be able to me out. Thank you Douglas.
Animal Control, I have a wild raccoon next door and when we are in our back yard we can hear it smacking up against the fence when it jumps. We can see it from our side of the six foot wood fence when it jumps and I am scared for my kids when they play in our yard. I once had a dog that escaped from a kennel by scaling a six foot fence, so I know it is possible for a raccoon to make it over. Please advise us on what we can do. Thanks in advance, Tom
Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me about our friend "Jake". I have finally captured him on film and aside from me going after him today in order to photograph his underside... he has lived in our yard and hasn't bothered us. We have a dog and young child... According to the owners of the house previously, he has been under the porch for about 5-10 years and has never bitten a pet etc. I am willing to allow him to stay, if he is not poisonous. Would you be willing to tell me what he is? If he is poisonous... We will be needing your services asap. Thanks so much! Joanna
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